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New GSK928TA2,GSK928TE2 and DAD08A


GSK928TA2 is an economical and practical, cost-effective lathe CNC system. the package includes 928TA2 controller, DAD08A biaxial AC servo drivers and two 4Nm servo motors. Ideal for small lathes, automatic feeding lathe. Convenient user operation, the 928TA2 is powerful for machine tool manufacturers to achieve control,debugging, troubleshooting operations, Simply as modifying the parameters to connect different components.

Another new GSK980TE2 lathe CNC system. Characteristic feature of this section is a graphical programming system, more than 80% of the graphics and cutting styles are stored inside , greatly improving the efficiency of programming. Support GSK-LINK Ethernet bus control function, with 17 digit absolute encoder, so the machine commissioning, operation more convenient and efficient.

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