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The 8th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibiti

The 8th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition" held in March, 2009 was attended by nearly 300 participants from U.S.A., France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan and mainland. There are nearly 1000 equipments being present at the exhibition, which attract over 28000 buyers and visitors and enter into the deal of nearly 100million yuan. Exhibition is the extensive support from over 200 magazines and websites, The ginseng satisfactory degree of show business for this exhibition reaches 95% more, The machine Tool and Die&Mould exhibition is the largest exhibition of the kind being held over recent years in Nanjing, characterized by the highest grade and the best arrangement for buyers. we with reliance on the persistent and professional spirits available with "Phoenix Man", build another brand – "Phoenix Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition". 

Market prospect 
With the good and rapid development of economy, China's manufacturing industry is experiencing rapid growth. Known as "the Processing Base of Global Manufacturing", Jiangsu Province boasts the well-developed machinery manufacturing in his areas, such as Hefei, Wuhu, Maanshan, Chuzhou, Bengbu, etc. Automobile and component, electronic and instrument appearance, machining, mechanical production and mould are made, boat, war industry, spaceflight and the professions such as metallurgy and numerous build extension recently skill alter project for machine tool, work mould and related supplemental equipment demand strong. There are broad prospects in the market. Meanwhile. Developing swift Nanjing market, development than maturation Su south market, burgeoning development Su the Anhui market that north market and Nanjing radiate have become the sales that the work mould manufacturer of machine tool most values market. The 5th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition in Nanjing conduct must bring rich repayment to ginseng show business! 

Relocate to new exhibition 
Located at the junction of subway line #1 and #2 in Hexi New Downtown, The Nanjing international exposition center that investment three billions Yuan builds recently locates in river west new the city proper to Yangtze River Bridge, the 2nd Yangtze River Bridge, the 3rd Yangtze River Bridge, the tunnel across the river, railway station, airport. The Center has the exhibition hall of 160,000m2, able to accommodate 6000 standard exhibition booths. The exhibition hall is built in single-floor pillar-free structure with big span of 14-22m in net height so that the vehicles and equipments can be delivered to the hall without any difficulty. The international exhibition center is designed to adopt the up-to-date concept, highlighting the extraordinary style of "Tigers crouching and dragons curling" and new outlook and advanced devices in place as well. It is the 2nd modernized large exhibition hall in the eastern region, following Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The relocation of The 5th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition to the new exhibition hall is aimed to provide a more accessible, broader and comfortable environment for participants and visitors. 

Rebuild the brilliance 
"The success of the 7th Machine Tool and Die&Mould Exhibition" has been well recognized by the department in charge, related enterprises and media. The 5th Machine Tool and Die&Mould Exhibition will still be held by Jiangsu Machinery Industrial Association, Jiangsu Machine Corporation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Nanjing office, China Chamber of International Commerce Nanjing office, We will "Phoenix Man", based on the adoption of advanced concept, is rich to do show experience and extensive ginseng show resource, is professional exhibition to buy domestic information and customer supreme service consciousness, with your ultimate assistance, "the 5th Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Die&Mould Exhibition" will create the new brilliance! 

The participation in the exhibition by enterprises from home and abroad will be greatly appreciated, Open up market! 

Exhibition time 
Exhibition time: October 28th - 30th, 2010 at 9:00 - 16:30 

Machine tools and tools:Metal-cutting machine tools, CNC machining centers, turning machines, grinding machines, milling machines, nibbling machines and automation periphery equipment, metal-forming machines, boring machines, drilling machines, sawing machines, broaching machines, planing machines, engraving machines, engraving & milling machines, tapping machines, modular machine tools, machine tool electric apparatus and fittings, metalworking fluids, accessories, etc.; plate shears, bending machines, extension machines, cutting machines, pipe benders, pipe cutters, chamfering machines, band saw machines, round saw machines, welding machines, oil pressure machines, die-casting machines, lapping machines and shot blasting machines, etc. 
Numerical control systems and flexible manufacturing systems, servo drives and programmable logical controllers, computer application software and hardware like CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM and so on, automation technology and complete set equipment, mechanic drives and pneumatic hydraulic components; 
Cutting measuring and clamping tools: various turning, milling and boring cutters, boring heads, drilling bits, grinding wheels, saw blades, threaded cutters, movable blades, abrasive pastes, etc.; various measuring instruments, tools and 3-dimensional measuring machines, etc.; various clamping devices and series of tool cabinets, tool carts/racks, work benches and other supporting products. 
Dies, molds and mold making technologies and equipment: 
Die and mold equipment including electric spark machines, low-speed WEDM machines, wire cutters, labeling machines, ultra-sonic cleaning machines, die spotting machines, laser equipment and rapid tooling equipment, etc. 
Various molds and dies: punching dies, plastic dies, die casting dies, forging dies, ceramic dies, wire drawing dies, carbide dies and rubber dies, etc.; die and mold materials: die steel, metal sheets (line materials), aluminum alloy materials, carbon electrode materials and copper electrode materials, etc.; standard die and mold parts: die carriers, guide posts, guide sleeves, punches, fasteners, springs, pouring bushes and hot runner components, etc. Abrasives and grinding tools, CAD system for dies and molds, machining of various shaped dies and molds, standard die and mold parts and structural members, etc. fast product development systems and services. 

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