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CNC Alarm No.403 No.414

CNC alarms of GSK980TD appears while moving the Z axis under Jog mode: No.403(moving speed too fast), and No.414(Z axis over negative soft travel).


But the absolute and relative coordinates are small, it is not over the soft limit. The rapid traverse parameter of Z axis was 7000, change it to 3000 but the alarm still exist, and the machine parts are normal.


The reason of the No.403 and No.414 alarms is the CNC controller absolute coordinate vale of Z axis is too big, there is no way to reduce the machine coordinate.



Set the digit No.4(MOT) of No.172 parameter as 1, this will disable soft limit checking, then clear the machine coordinate by below steps:

1-      Set No.14 parameter of the CNC controller as 0.

2-      Return to CNC controller home manual, press MDI to enter the interface, press Z+ key and Cancel key simultaneously, the coordinate value will be clear to 0.

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