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436 Alarm on GSK983MA-H

GSK983MA-H User: 
Dear Sir,
Kindly, we connected the new drive GS2075T-NP1 to the servomotor, but we have alarm 436
What does this mean?
CNCmakers Support:
The 436 alarm is for the CNC controller.
What is the alarm code on GS2075T-NP1?
GSK983MA-H User:
No alarm on the drive.
The cnc system is 983Ma-H
We had to make a new Connector for CN1 with pin to pin soldering, because of male to female connection.
1.    Is the CN1 the same connection for the old DAT2075 and the new GS2075T drive ?
CNCmakers Support:
The connection for old DAT2075 and the new GS2075T drive are different.
Need to change cable and connector for CN1.
After changed the cable and connector, and need to change PA4 of GS2075T same with DAT2075.

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