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Bochi V6C Machining Center with GSK 25i CNC

Processing with specified machine tool and system configuration (Pojia V6C with GSK25i system);
Trial machining the customer's parts according to the drawings provided by the customer and the workpiece blank;
The processing time of each workpiece required to meet the processing requirements is within three minutes;
Provide the list of tools, chucks, Latin and shank models required for the processing process for customers to purchase.
Application effect
According to the shape of the customer's part and the parts to be processed, the tooling is designed as a four-axis, one-clamp, one-top, single-row side-by-side clamping
Special aluminum tools are selected, and the design process is trial-produced in the simulation software to ensure efficiency.
Application effect
Cylindrical parts are processed at 100% magnification, and the cycle time for single piece processing is 2 minutes and 50 seconds. After small batch production, the burr becomes larger due to the wear of the tool, and the customer has trouble removing the burr manually, and agreed to increase the precision milling of the tool to reduce the burr. The customer sent another blank and processed 20 pieces. The burr on the sandpaper can be removed, and the customer is satisfied with the effect;
Handle parts, 100% processing, 10 pieces processing cycle time 3 minutes 26 seconds, a single 20.6 seconds.

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