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Buttons on CNC control panel

The operation panel of the machining center is to be touched by every CNC worker. Let us see what these buttons mean.
The red button is the emergency stop button. Press this switch, the machine tool will stop, generally in an emergency or unexpected state.
Start from the far left. The basic meaning of the four buttons is
1 Program automatic operation, which is used when processing programs, is used for automatic program operation, which is commonly used for processing. In this state, the operator only needs to install the product and press the program start button.
2 The second is the program editing button. Mainly used when editing programs
3 The third is MDI mode, mainly used to manually enter short codes such as S600M3
4DNC mode is mainly used for online processing
The four buttons from left to right are
1 Program reset button, used for reset operation
2Rapid feed mode, press this key to cooperate with the corresponding axis to move quickly
3 Slow feed, press this key, the machine will move slowly
4Handwheel button, press this button to operate the handwheel
The four buttons from left to right
1 Single block execution, press this key to execute a block and the program will stop
2 Block skip instruction, when there is a / this symbol before some blocks, press this key, the block will not be executed
3 Select stop, when there is M01 in the program, press this key, the code will work
4 Manual demonstration instructions
1 Program restart button
2 The machine tool lock command, press this key, the machine tool will be locked and will not move. For debugging
3 Dry run, generally used in conjunction with the machine lock command for debugging programs.
The switch on the left is used to adjust the feed rate. On the right is the spindle speed adjustment button
From left to right, the cycle start button, the program pauses, and the program MOO stops.
This represents the corresponding and spindle. Generally, machine tools do not have 5-axis and 6-axis. Can be ignored
Used to control the movement of the machine tool. Press the key in the middle to quickly feed.
In turn, the spindle rotates forward, the spindle stops, and the spindle reverses.
The alphanumeric panel, this does not need to be explained, just like a mobile phone computer keyboard.
The POS key is the meaning of coordinate system, press this key to see the relative coordinate absolute coordinate machine coordinate system
ProG is a program key, the corresponding program operation generally needs to be operated in the mode of pressing this key
OFFSETSETTING is used to set the
shift is the shift key
CAN is the cancel button, you can press this button to cancel if you enter a wrong command
IUPUT is the input key, which is required for general data input and parameter input
SYETEM system key. Mainly used to view the parameter settings of the system
MESSAGE is mainly information prompt
CUSTOM graphics parameter command
ALTEL is the replacement key used to replace instructions in the program
insert is the insert instruction used to insert program code
delete is mainly used to delete code
The RESET button is very important, mainly used to reset, stop the program, and stop some commands.

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