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CAD Drawing skills

How to set the text mirror to rotate and not rotate
A. Before mirroring, enter the MIRRTEXT command
B. Entering a new value of 0 means no rotation; entering a new value of 1 means rotating
C. After the MIRRTEXT instruction is completed, enter the MI mirroring instruction to be OK
CAD version conversion
A, CAD high version can open all low version drawings
B. Low CAD version cannot open high version drawings
C. To convert the high version to the low version, click directly save as, and the file type can be changed to any low version
D. Converting a low version to a high version is more complicated and requires third-party software, that is, a version converter.
CAD default save file as low version
A. Enter OP in the drawing interface
B. Click the Open and Save tab
C. Select the lower version at File Save-Save As
How to merge polylines
A. Enter the PE instruction
B. Select a line to be merged, enter Y, and then enter J
C. Select all the lines that need to be merged, that's it
Solution when filling is invalid
Sometimes it will not be filled out when filling, in addition to the system variables that need to be considered, you also need to check in the OP option. Solution: OP----display---apply entity filling (tick)
The solution when the addition is invalid
The correct setting should be able to select multiple objects continuously, but sometimes, the continuous selection of objects will fail, and only the last selected object can be selected. Solution:
OP (option)---select--- SHIFT key to add to the selection set (remove the tick)
Use the SHIFT key to add to the selection set "Remove the tick", then the addition is valid, otherwise the addition is invalid.
CAD command three-key restore
What if the system variables in CAD are changed unintentionally, or some parameters are adjusted deliberately? At this time, there is no need to reinstall, and no need to change one by one. Solution:
OP option-----configuration-----reset
But after recovery, some options need some adjustments, such as the size of the cross cursor, etc.~
What to do if the middle mouse button is not easy to use
Under normal circumstances, the CAD scroll wheel can be used to zoom in and out, as well as pan (press and hold), but sometimes, when you press and hold the scroll wheel, the next menu is displayed instead of panning, which is very annoying. Solution:
At this time, you only need to adjust the system variable mbuttonpan, the initial value: 1
When pressing and dragging the button or wheel, panning operation is supported.
The model in the command line, the solution is missing
op----option------display----display layout and model tab (check it)
CAD skills
As we all know, there are two OK keys, one is "Enter" and the other is "Space", but now let's use the right button to replace them. Solution:
OP option-----User system configuration-----Use the shortcut menu (tick) to customize the right button in the drawing area
Click in ------ tick all the repeated previous commands
What to do if the round graph is not round
Method 1. This is simple, just enter the command RE directly
Method two, op----display----just increase the smoothness of the circle or arc.
Display scroll bars in the graphics window
Solution: op----display------display scroll bar in the graphics window op---display---display scroll bar in the graphics window.
What if you want the line type printed next time to be the same as this time
In other words. [How to save the print list], the solution: op option-----print---add print list
But before that, you have to create your own example table.
How to reduce file size
After the drawing is finished, execute the PURGE command to clean up redundant data, such as useless blocks, layers without entities, unused line types, fonts, size styles, etc., which can effectively reduce the file size. Generally, a thorough cleaning requires two to three times of PURGE.
-purge, add a minus sign in front, the cleaning will be more thorough.
Why the height of the input text cannot be changed
When the height value of the font used is not 0, the DTEXT command is used to write the text without prompting to enter the height, so the height of the written text is unchanged, including the dimensioning performed by the font.
What to do if the mirrored font keeps not rotating
When the value is 0, the mirrored font can be kept from rotating when it is rotated
How to input square
Mark the picture first, and then use the ED command to select special characters such as squares in the @ drop-down menu in the text format menu.
Input of special symbols
We know that the "Ф" that represents the diameter uses the control code %%C, the "±" that represents the ground level uses the control code %%P, and the degree symbol "°" uses the control code %%D. But how to input it in CAD
1) T text command, drag out a text box
2) Right-click in the dialog box-symbol-some options will appear
What if the printed font is hollow
Enter the TEXTFILL command on the command line. If the value is 0, the font is hollow. A value of 1 means that the font is solid.
How to hide coordinates
Sometimes you will use some capture software to capture the CAD graphical interface or perform some similar operations, but in the process, are you worried about the coordinates of the lower left corner?
Because of its existence, it affects your operation.
Solution: Turn UCSICON to OFF to turn it off, otherwise ON to turn it on.
An effective way to remove stubborn layers
The effective way to delete a stubborn layer is to use layer mapping, command laytrans, the layer to be deleted can be mapped to layer 0. This method can delete layers that have solid objects or nested definitions of other blocks. It can be said to be a universal layer deleter.
How to close *BAK file in CAD
1) Tools-Options, select the "Open and Save" tab, and then remove the check mark before "Create a backup every time you save" in the dialog box.
2) You can also use the command ISAVEBAK to modify the system variable of ISAVEBAK to 0. When the system variable is 1, a "*BAK" backup file will be created every time you save.
In CAD, the box showing the coordinates at the bottom left of the drawing area sometimes turns gray. What if the displayed coordinates do not change when the mouse moves in the drawing area
At this time, you need to press F6 or modify the COORDS system variable to 1 or 2.
When the system variable is 0, it means that the coordinate display is updated when the point is specified by the pointing device. When the system variable is 1, it means that the coordinate display is continuously updated. When the system variable is 2, it means that the coordinate display is constantly updated. When the distance and angle are needed, the distance and angle to the previous point are displayed.
What if the content of layer 1 is obscured by the content of layer 2
If in a picture, the content of layer 1 is obscured by the content of layer 2, use the tool-display-front to display the hidden content.

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