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CNC controller kits for lathe machines

CNC controller kits for lathe machines


Normally a complete CNC controller kit should include below items:

1-      CNC controller for lathe machine(normally 2 axes )


2-      AC servo motor & driver for X axis of the lathe (or step motor & driver)


3-      AC servo motor & driver for Z axis of the lathe(some require brake for big motors)


4-      AC servo spindle motor & driver (some use frequency spindle motor)


5-      Tool post(4 positions or 6 positions or more)


6-      Isolating transformer (also call segregated transformer, in China transforming the input voltage from 380V/3phases to 220V/3phases for CNC controller and AC servo motor & drivers) From


7-      MPG(also call handwheel or pendant)


8-      Softwares for CNC system like communication software, PLC editing software, ladder editing software and DNC software, etc. not all CNC controllers have this, depends on the models.


9-      All cables for connecting the CNC controller to AC servo motor & drivers, spindle motor and driver, MPG, etc.


10-  User manuals for CNC controller, AC servo motor & drivers, spindle motors, tool post, etc.


It is not all the cases will need all above items, sometimes only require some of them, depends on the CNC lathe machine to be installed, rebuild or retrofitted.

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