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CNC lathe Control Transformer Burned

Control Transformer Burned

CNC lathe specification: GSK980TD/DA98A, double speed spindle motor, 4 station tool post


How to solve the problem:

1-      Problem Detail: There was no such problem before, but only about half an hour after change shift, there is burned smell, go on working about 5 minutes, the CNC system power off and can not resume any more.

2-      Check if the problem is same as described by user: Turn on CNC controller but no response.

3-      Diagnose: Control Transformer burned can be detected by following steps:

Step 1-Check the wiring of control transformer according to the diagram.

Step 2-See if there is any short circuit?

Step 3-The control component short circuit or not? (Such as contactor coil, lighting, brake bridge rectifiers, etc.)

Step 4-It might be control transformer itself problem.   From


In this case, after check above steps, we use universal meter and found that the lighting has short circuit with CNC lathe cover, after change the wiring of the lighting and control transformer, the CNC lathe worked again.

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