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CNC lathe machine zero return error

CNC lathe machine zero return error


CNC Control system of the CNC lathe machine:

GSK980TD/DA98A, double speed spindle motor, 4 station tool post

(Other CNC controller like GSK980TDa,GSK980TDb, and AC servo driver DA98B, DA98D, same solution)


How to solve the problem:

1-      Problem detail: Errors happened by every zero return, a few millimeters and only on X axis, while Z axis and other functions are normal.

2-      Check if the problem is same as described by user: Try different zero-return methods and there are always errors on X axis.

3-      Diagnose: Normally if there are errors when zero-return we could check below steps:

Step 1-Is the zero-return wiring in poor contact?

Step 2-Is the machine zero return block on the CNC lathe looses?

Step 3-Check the contactor of the zero return switch, is it in poor contact?

Step 4-Check the encoder cable of the AC servo motor has problem or not?

Step 5-Is the AC servo motor has problems?

Step 5-Check the clutch or the timing belt slips or not? From


After check above steps, finally we found there is water inside the overtravel-limited switch, and the CNC lathe machine resume to work after we changed limited switch.


Conclusion: There was water come into the limited switch of X axis, which caused the poor contact, so there were zero return errors of X axis.

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