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CNC machine maintenance before holiday

The Spring Festival holiday is getting closer and closer. Before the holiday, please don’t forget to maintain the machine and let the machine continue to work for you in the coming year.
1. Machine tool cleaning: clean up the workpieces, fixtures, iron filings, etc. in the machine tool, clean the iron filings in the external chip conveyor; wipe the external sheet metal, and do a good job of sanitary cleaning of the whole machine.
2. Anti-rust treatment: Clean and wipe the surface of the workbench, spindle and other relevant parts, and apply anti-rust oil. Whether the cutting fluid needs to be replaced, give priority to rust prevention, and then add the cutting fluid after the festival.
3. Lubrication of the line rail: the machine tool runs slowly throughout the entire process, lubricates the line rail to ensure that the mechanical parts of the machine tool are in a good lubrication state (check the lubricating oil level, add lubricating oil when it is not enough); after completion, move each axis to the middle position , Make it in a state of stress balance, avoid the limit position of the shaft, the travel switch is compressed for a long time and affect its sensitivity.
4. Clean the filter: clean the filter of the electric control box air conditioner and oil cooler.
5. Rain and moisture: close the electrical box for protection to avoid mold, short circuit and poor contact caused by electrical components in a humid, low temperature, and unventilated environment.
6. Anti-rodent: Do anti-rodent work in the production workshop to avoid damage to the machine tool circuit caused by rats.
7. Disconnect the storage power supply: Generally, the CNC system is equipped with storage power supply or battery. It should be noted that if the battery is not turned on for a long time, the battery will be drained and the machine data will be lost. You can check whether there is a plug that can disconnect the storage power supply.
8. Shut down and power off: Shut down and do a good job of power off, gas, and liquid supply in the workshop.

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