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Can GSK25iM-V support Heidenhain LS 176C scales

CNC Retrofit Company:
Good morning, After thoroughly reviewing our requirements, your price point, and where we want to go with this retrofit and the other machines we want to retrofit, could you please provide quotation for the following…
1 X GSK25iM-V (All required components (Operation panel, screen panel with 10.4 inch LCD, I/O box,…..)
1 X Manual pulse generator
4 X GH2000 series Amplifiers (3 X To match supplied motors, and 1 for 4thaxis that will drive a Yasakawa Sigma-1 200V 750W motor)
1 X ~20Nm Z axis motor with Brake
2 X ~15Nm X and Y axis motors
1 X ~15Kw Spindle motor (preferable 10,000RPM, but 7000 is acceptable (If 7000 rpm motor we will be running a 1.43 : 1 drive ratio))
1 X GD3000Y Spindle amplifier to match supplied spindle motor
Any accessories required to make the system function (Power supply, adapters, …. )
Any accessories required to interface with Heidenhain LS 176C scales on the X and Y axis
2 X 2 liter capacity lubricators that will be interfaced with the PLC
Also do you have any suppliers for Spindle chillers? (Tank style with circulation pump)
When you provide the quote could you please specify exactly which components you a quoting for.
Thanks you in advance

CNCmakers Support:
1- Heidenhain LS 176C scales can be use with our CNC retrofit package, but it is incremental type, the zero point of CNC setting will be the zero point of the motor encoder, which means it will be not full close-loop.
2- In addition,  Heidenhain LS 176C scales with distance code function, with this feature, It can set up zero point by moving a little of the scale, The GSK25iM-V controller has not developed this function, so the zero point must be created by homing.

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