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Car body welding with RH06 Robot

Automated fixtures position and clamp the workpiece, and the robot replaces manual welding.
The range of the fixture to adapt to the workpiece: 1400 mm <= length <= 3255 mm, 400 mm <= width <= 800 mm.
More than 93% of the welds of all workpieces can be welded normally without interference.
Adopt two single-axis positioners with a robot welding station solution, because the welding workpiece is relatively long, the robot needs to add a linear ground rail;
The workpiece customer orders the incoming materials, and the workers are transported to the automatic welding fixture by the vehicle;
The fixture automatically clamps and positions the workpiece, and one RH06 welding robot welds the clamped and positioned workpiece;
At the same time, workers can carry out loading and unloading operations on the other side, and so on.
 Application effect
Robot replaces manual, which can ensure the consistency of each welding and has better welding effect
The use of automatic fixtures to clamp the workpiece can ensure the same accuracy of the positioning position every time;
The welding industry is a certain dangerous industry, especially welding arc, smoke powder, and high temperature and high-efficiency production, which have a certain impact on the worker's working environment and physical and mental health. The use of robots can avoid various accidents and provide production efficiency. .

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