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Cylindrical grinder M1332Bx1500 CNC Retrofit with GSK986

The ordinary grinding machine is changed to a CNC grinding machine to repair the accuracy of the guide rail;
Processing special-shaped screw, variable pitch and variable diameter, the spiral angles of various parts are inconsistent, and the grinding wheel needs automatic swing angle;
Machine tool full protection.
Re-grinding the guide rail and scraping with plastic stick;
The X/Z axis is transformed into a ball screw feed mechanism;
Install a CNC turntable to replace the original machine head;
Dismantle the original machine tool grinding head, install grinding electric spindle and CNC indexing head;
Redesign and install the grinder full protection;
Equipped with GSK986 grinder CNC system.
  Application effect
Restore the geometric accuracy of the machine tool;
The C-axis drives the workpiece to rotate, the X-axis and Z-axis realize cutting feed, and the three-axis linkage realizes the processing of various single-head, multi-head, variable-pitch and variable-diameter special-shaped screws;
The spindle of the grinding wheel realizes stepless speed regulation and automatic control of the swing angle of the grinding wheel;
The use of special G commands, macro programs and PLC combination control, combined with a custom graphic interface can ensure processing efficiency and accuracy.

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