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DA98A Driver Err-4 Alarm

GSK218M & DA98A User:
Dear Sir,We have your CNC Machine model 218M and we are facing an error 4 as per the attached photos, please may you feed us back on how to solve this error.
CNCmakers Support:
Error 4 on DA98A
1- You can switch the two drivers of X and Z axis,  if the same driver still alarms error 4, then this driver has problem.
2- after switch the driver, the other driver has problem,  then we could check the power cable and the encoder cable of the motor, see if it is broken or short circuit?
3- If above two both no problem, then we should check the mechanical parts, is there any stuck for the mechanical parts, like coupling, ball screw or Synchronous wheel.
We can uninstall the motor from the machine and put it on the ground, see if it running without error 4 on the driver, if there is no error when the motor is on the ground, then the problem is coming from mechanical parts.

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