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DA98A Electronic Gear Ratio Setting

DA98A-20 User:

Today I received the driver package, then I installed the driver in the CNC.

 The controller works without any problem for the "alarms". I want to work at that time,

 but I have a problem with working distance, i move the axis "X" (for the new driver) 0.15 mm on display, (picture 3)

but in the work table move only 0.10 mm (picture 4), i need a configuration with this new driver?


CNCmakers Support:

You need to adjust electronic gear ratio, the parameter PA12 and PA13 of the DA98A-20.

What is the X axis ball screw pitch?


DA98A-20 User:

The ball screw pitch its 3mm.


CNCmakers Support:

Please change DA98A-20's parameter.

First change PA0=385 to enable parameter setting

Then change the electronic gear ratio.


After change and save, need to turn off power, and then re power on







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