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Different types of CNC turrets

Basic requirements of CNC tool post:
1) Short tool change time to reduce non-processing time.
2) Reduce the interference of the tool change action on the processing range.
3) The tool has high repeat positioning accuracy.
4) Reliable tool recognition and tool selection, simple and reliable tool change action.
5) The tool storage capacity of the tool magazine is reasonable.
6) The tool magazine occupies a small area and can cooperate with the host to make the appearance of the machine coordinated and beautiful.
7) The tool is convenient for loading and unloading, adjustment and maintenance, and can be cleanly maintained.

Types of CNC tool holders:
According to the different tool change methods, the tool post system of CNC lathes mainly includes rotary tool post, row type tool post and automatic tool change device with tool magazine. The following is a simple description of these three types of tool post Introduction.

1. Row type tool post
The gang type tool post is generally used for small-size CNC lathes, mainly for processing bar or disc parts. Its structure form is:
The tool holders holding various tools for different purposes are arranged on the horizontal sliding plate along the X coordinate axis of the machine tool. This kind of tool post is more convenient in terms of tool layout and machine tool adjustment. According to the turning process requirements of the specific workpiece, various tools of different purposes can be combined arbitrarily. After one tool completes the turning task, the horizontal slide board only needs to be along the X axis according to the program. After moving the preset distance, the second tool reaches the machining position, thus completing the tool change action of the machine tool. This tool change mode quickly saves time and helps improve the production efficiency of the machine tool.

2. Rotary tool post
Rotary tool post is the most commonly used typical tool changer for CNC lathes. Generally, the automatic tool change action of the machine tool is realized by hydraulic system or electric. According to the processing requirements, it can be designed as a square, hexagonal or disc tool post. And install 4, 6 or more tools accordingly. The tool change action of the rotary tool post can be divided into several steps, such as lifting the tool post, indexing the tool post and locking the tool post. Its actions are completed by commands issued by the CNC system. The rotary tool post is divided into two types: vertical tool post and horizontal tool post according to the relative position of the rotary axis of the tool post and the installation bottom surface.

3. Automatic tool changer with tool magazine
The above-mentioned gang tool holder and rotary tool holder cannot have too many tools. Even if two tool holders are equipped, there are certain restrictions on the number of tools. When a larger number of tools are needed for some reason, an automatic tool changer with a tool magazine should be used. The automatic tool changer with tool magazine is composed of a tool magazine and a tool exchange mechanism.

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