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Dual channel CNC control on G-280MCS turning center

1. The two-channel spindle clamps the workpiece synchronously and cuts off;
2. Polar coordinate interpolation processing pentagon
3. Axial/radial turning, drilling, milling, tapping and other compound processing;
4. Improve the accuracy of the machine tool and ensure the quality of the workpiece;
5. The system ladder diagram realizes the control of the Italian DUPLOMATIC 12-station servo power turret
1. The system uses 0.1u precision parameters, and the two channels add -CS axis to set the relevant parameters of polar coordinate interpolation;
2. The spindle drive and motor use GS3100Y-LP2-ZJY256-11BM-B3 (A1) to match the spindle feedback device ERA1809000 line (Heidenhain encoder), which improves the resolution of the spindle and increases the accuracy of the spindle's participation in polar coordinate interpolation;
3. The feed X-axis drive and motor use GS2075T-LA1-130SJT-MZ150D (A4I) matching FAG grating ruler GSX-240-5 (FAGOR), and the feed Z-axis drive and motor use GS2075T-LA1-130SJT-MZ150D ( A4I) matching Fagor grating ruler GSX-740-5 (FAGOR), which greatly improves the feedback accuracy of the feed axis;
4. According to the coding of the 12-station servo power turret of Italian Deep Code, the ladder diagram adds the control logic of the turret.
Application effect
The flexible application of dual-channel dual-spindle docking realizes that the workpiece can complete the processing requirements of each process in a single clamping, which greatly reduces the clamping error, and the application of high-resolution encoders and gratings greatly improves the machine tool Precision, thus ensuring the processing quality of the workpiece;
The application of system PLC axis control command AXCTL simplifies the auxiliary logic programming of many peripherals in the past, and makes the programming of the control logic part of the turret more concise;
The application market of non-standard special machines for machine tools is increasing, which is bound to make the system functions develop in a diversified direction.

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