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Dual channel turning center with GSK 988TD


 Channel 1 is for turning, channel 2 is for milling;

Ladder diagram realizes lathe channel equipped with Shenyang SFW-12 station servo turret, milling machine channel equipped with HWD-24 station disc tool magazine;
It can realize the composite processing of shaft/radial turning, drilling, boring, milling, tapping, etc.;
Ensure the accuracy of machine tools and improve work efficiency.
The two-channel X, Z, Y and B axes use servo motors with 17-bit absolute encoders, the two-channel spindles use HEIDENHAIN ERA180 encoders, and the subdivision box IBV600 1000 lines are used as feedback devices;
The channel 1 parameter of the matching system is the lathe code instruction, and the channel 2 parameter is the milling machine code instruction, and the dual channel realizes one car and one milling configuration;
Ladder diagram channel 1 adds Shenyang SFW-12 station servo turret control logic, and channel 2 adds HWD-24 station disc tool magazine control logic.
Application effect
  Ladder diagram realizes the normal tool change of Shenyang SFW-12 station servo turret and HWD-24 station disc tool magazine;
The machine tool realizes drilling, milling and tapping of the end face and cylindrical face;
Workpiece handover processing between the two channels improves processing efficiency.

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