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Emergency stop

During machine running, if the emergency button is pressed under the dangerous or emergent situation (external SP signal active), the CNC system enters into emergency status and the machine movement is stopped immediately. All the outputs such as the spindle running, cooling are cut off. If the emergency button is released, the emergency alarm is cancelled and the CNC resets. (980TDb)

Note 1:  Ensure the fault is eliminated before the emergency alarm is cancelled.

Note 2:  Pressing down the Emergency button prior to power on or off may alleviate the electric shock to the machine system.

Note 3:  Re-perform the machine zero return to get the correct position coordinate after the emergency alarm is cancelled (machine zero return is forbidden if there is no machine zero on the machine.).

Note 4:  Only Bit3(ESP) of the bit parameter No.172 is set to 0, is the external emergency stop active.


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