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Err-25 on GE2030T-LA1 Driver

GSK980TB3i and GE2030T-LA1 User
Dear CNCmakers, there is alarm 25 (external battery) on the GE2030T-LA1 driver, 
At the begining got servo motor problem.and after we repair.then ok. then we connect to driver and got alarm 25, could you please kindly tell us how to remove this alarm?
CNCmakers Support:
Normally the 25 alarm can be removed by changing the servo motor battery, please kindly note that the battery must be changed while the power is on for the motor and driver.
If change the battery still not fix the problem, we can try to reset the machine zero for this axis, this procedure can be done on the CNC controller GSK980TB3i
After doing above two, if the problem still exists, then we can change another motor to connect, if another motor works fine, that means the old motor is broken.

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