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Fanuc CNC Keys Instruction

0) Enter the system file and press the rightmost soft key (next key) under the screen, plus the key on the left side and the power key. The operation method is to press the two software and the power key at the same time to turn on
1) System screen saver: When long-term processing does not require any operation, in order to extend the service life of the CRT, you can press any function key and CAN button at the same time to make the system screen saver (black screen), and then press any A function key can release the screen saver.
2) At the same time, press the N0 key and the CAN key to turn on the system, and the machine tool will not check the soft limit before returning to the reference point.
3) Press the RESET key and the CAN key at the same time to temporarily release the system's No. 100 (parameter write protection on) alarm.
4) Press the RESET button and the DELET button at the same time, and the system is connected to the power supply to clear all the contents of the system memory.
5) Press RESET and power on the system to clear the system parameters, various compensation values, and PMC parameters.
6) Press the DELET key and the system is connected to the power supply to clear all the processing programs in the system memory.
7) Press the PROGRM key and the DELET key at the same time to connect the system to the power supply, and the system's 101 number (the system suddenly powers off when editing the program) alarm can be cancelled.
Description of commonly used buttons:
Program and code
2 INSRT insert program
3 DELET delete program
4 EOB completion sentence (END OF BLOCK)
5 CAN cancel (used in the case of EDIT or MDI MODE)
6 INPUT input program and code
7 OUTPUT START output program and instruction
8 OFFSET Store tool length and radius compensation value
9 AUX GRAPH display graphics
10 PRGRM display program content
11 ALARM Display the alarm content or code
12 POS display coordinates
13 DGONS PARAM display self-diagnosis and parameter function
14 RESET Return Stop
15 CURSOR Move the cursor up and down
16 PAGE Page up and down
17 O program number is from O0001~O9999
18 N sequence number from N0001 to N9999
19 G ready function code
20 X coordinate axis movement direction command
21 Y coordinate axis movement direction command
22 Z coordinate axis movement direction command
23 H Length compensation function code
24 F feed (FEED) instruction
25 R arc radius command
26 M auxiliary function command
27 S Spindle speed command
28 T tool number
29 D Radius compensation function code
30 I.J.K Distance from arc starting point to arc center (on X, Y, Z axis respectively)
31 P subroutine call code
32 PROGRAM PROTECT Program memory protection switch
33 MEMORY Automatic program execution
35 MDI manual editing
36 SINGL BLOCK single sentence execution
37 BLOCK DELET Specifies not to execute a single-sentence program (shared with the / key)
38 OPT STOP Selective stop (shared with M01 code)
39 DRY RUN Dry run
40 PRG TEST does not execute M.S.T. code command
41 CYCLE START Cycle? Start (execute program)
42 CYCLE STOP Cycle stop (pause the program)
43 PRG STOP Program stop (shared with M00)
44 HOME Return to X.Y.Z. mechanical origin of each axis?
45 JOG manual feed (line or cutting)
46 MPG manual drive
50 HIGH manual rapid traverse
51 SPDL DEC Spindle (RPM) speed regulation
52 SPDL 100 (percent sign) S command speed regulation in the execution of the program
53 SPDL CW Spindle rotates clockwise
54 SPDL STOP Spindle stop
55 SPDL CCW Spindle rotates counterclockwise
56 SPDL INC Spindle (RPM) increase speed
57 Z+, Y+, X+ Machine tool X.Y.Z. axis moves in the positive direction
58 Z-, Y-, X- machine tool X.Y.Z. axis moves in the negative direction
59 4-,4+ The fourth axis of the machine tool
60 TRVRS executes the movement commands of each axis of the machine tool
61 CLNT ON Supply cutting fluid
62 CLNT OFF Stop supplying cutting fluid
63 CLNT AUTO automatically executes the supply of cutting fluid
64 OVERRIDE Cutting speed with control 0--150 (percent sign)
65 EMERGENCY STOP Emergency stop
66 THERMAL ALARM Spindle load overheating alarm
67 LUB ALARM insufficient lubricating oil alarm
68 X_MIRROR IMAGE X-axis mirror image processing function
69 Y_MIRROR IMAGE Y-axis mirror image processing function
70 RAPID OVERRIDE Fast travel? Control
71 DNC Direct CNC:
Because the external interface device inputs the program to the CNC machine tool, and the factor-controlled machine tool has limited memory capacity, it needs to perform reading and doing (that is, executing the receiving program and executing the program command at the same time), which is called DNC operation. After the DNC operation is completed, the memory of the CNC machine tool does not exist, and the program entered by the DNC.
72 BACKGROUD EDIT background programming:
(BG-EDIT) When the CNC machine tool executes automatic (AUTO) processing, another program can be input or written at the same time without stopping the operation.
73 MANU ABS Manual absolute value
74 PROG RSTAT Program restart
75 Z NEGLT Cancel the execution of Z axis command
76 AXIS LOCK Cancel the execution of the three-axis command
77 B fifth axis

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