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Fanuc Soft Operation Panel Setting

Introduction of FANUC soft operation panel:
The FANUC soft operation panel function is a function of the CNC system software. The cursor movement buttons and axis movement direction buttons on the MDI keyboard can be used to replace the buttons of the machine operation panel, combined with the display of the display, to achieve the same functions as the operation panel. It is very convenient to debug and test before the CNC system is installed on the machine tool. This function can carry out simple operation on the machine tool, and the operation panel of the machine tool can be omitted when debugging and testing.
1: Setting interface, turn page right
Main page: Operation mode and feed speed selection interface (as shown below)
2: Page down, switch screen (machine operation function can be selected, as shown below)
3: Page down (universal switch interface, user-defined, as shown below)
The above soft operation switches can be used to customize some function switches; each soft switch corresponds to an F signal address. By programming PMC, some special functions can be realized, which is convenient for daily maintenance and debugging.
4: Relevant signal address, as follows

According to the above address, input the soft switch signal into the PMC program and set the control conditions to realize the soft switch control of the output signal of the machine tool;

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