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GSK218M CNC system upgrad with USB flash


1-      Only supports FAT16 or FAT32 format, if your USB flash is not these formats, please convert it in your PC first, or it will not be identified.

2-      During the upgrading, please wait for the USB flash until it is not flicker any more, to ensure the complete upgrading.

3-      USB flash directory is not supported, all files must be save on the root directory.



1-      If the GSK218M was not wrote system before, turn on it and it is ready to plug USB flash then enter the operation menu. Or if it wrote before, then need to press RESET key to enter the USB flash operation system.

2-      Need to input the password: 218M, then press ENTER key to enter the operation system.

3-      Plug the USB flash now.



1-      Copy “config.ini” and other necessary files from the USB flash, then save them to the relevant disk, here is the detail:

Step1: Press key to switch to PROG mode.

Step2: Make sure the USB flash is plugged, and the “config.ini” files are inside it, the file format must be correct, then there will be a prompt box: “From Usb Copy Config.ini showed File To All Disk?”

Step3: Press ENTER key, to copy all necessary files into GSK218M system.

Step4: “COPY SUCCEED!” will be shown after it is done.


Exit the USB flash system

1-      Unplug the USB flash.

2-      Press EXIT key or restart the GSK218M power, will enter the CNC system.


Config.ini file and content:

1-       The file format of the “config.ini”, each line contents "file name + a space + disk number (0 ~ 2)", the disk number means partition of the CNC system which need to place the files from USB flash.  0: system partition (SYS); 1: user partition (CNC); 2: kernel partition, the kernel partition can only use "system.bin 2"  statement, system.bin is the BIN name of the software.

2-       Before program the BIN software file, please rename it as “system.bin” and place it on the root directory of the USB flash, and add “system.bin 2” into the config.ini file.

3-       Config.ini example:

system.bin 2

Alm.Hep 0

AlmEn.Hep 0


BitPEn.MEA 0


DiagEn.MEA 0


GCode.HEP 0

GCodeEn.HEP 0

LadChi01.txt 0

ladder00.grp 0

ladder01.grp 0

LadEng01.txt 0

LadPara.val 0

Macro.Hep 0

MacroEn.Hep 0


NumParEn.MEA 0

Opration.Hep 0

OprtEn.Hep 0

Panel.BMP 0

Para.val 0

ParaDgn.Hep 0

ParDgnEn.Hep 0

U16X16.FNT 0

U24X24.fnt 0

u36x36.fnt 0


WarnEn.MEA 0

O91001.txt 1


GSK218M specifications:

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