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GSK928G Grinding Machine CNC Controller

CNC Grinding Machine User:
Related with our grinder machine, we have a CNC GSK928g .

The new motor that you provide us , was installed but the speed control is disturbing.
In order to get best control in our X axis,  the machine has 3 axes, (Z, X and C)  a feedback signal for X axis is enabled by heidenhain scale
We need to know if is it possible to disable feedback signal (scale) using some user parameter in order to test and define the cause of trouble with X axis.
Could you help us with this kind of support?


CNCmakers Support:
Hello sir, there is no such parameters to disable feedback signal.

Regarding speed control disturbing
1- Is the new motor model exactly the same with original one?  If not the same, you need to adjust parameter on the X axis driver.
2- Is it Flexible coupling or rigid coupling to connect the motor on machine? If it is rigid coupling, you can try flexible coupling.


CNC Grinding Machine User:

Dear Sir

The motor is exactly the same model, and it is assembled by timing belt and pulley to move ball screw. The linear motion of axis has scale feedback signal to CNC for increase precision positioning but I don't know how is connected to feedback encoder from motor. Let me check documentation about circuit.



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