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GSK928TEII emergency stop alarm

GSK928TEII emergency stop alarm


The CNC controller alarms during CNC machine running, and it could not be clear by pressing any key.


Here are the steps to solve this problem:

1-      Is the emergency stop button in poor contact?

2-      Any open or short circuit of the external wiring of the emergency button?

3-      Check the CNC controller power supply.

4-      CNC controller CPU board has problem or not?


After checked all above we found the CNC power supply has no 24V output, cut the switch power 24V supply to the CNC controller, then measure the switch power 24V and it is good, so it could be CNC internal IC problem, in this case there was one of two IC2803 shorted, another is fine, change the IC the CNC resumed.

Detail GSK928TEII specifications:

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