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GSK928TEa GSK928TCa Differences

Functions of GSK928TCa turning CNC system are less than those of GSK928TEa as follows:

Functional difference item



Controllable axis

X, Y, Z

X, Z

Rapid traverse speed

Max. 30000 mm /min

Max. 15000 mm /min

Cutting speed



Max. radius of arc

Max. machining: 1000m

Max. machining: 100m

Tool nose radius compensation

C tool radius compensation, PROGRAMMING, Chapter 5 Tool Nose Radius Compensation

No the function

Pitch error compensation

Fine linear pitch error compensation, PROGRAMMING, Chapter 6 Pitch Error Compensation

No the function

Automatic chamfer function

Automatic chamfer function, PROGRAMMING, Chapter 4.4 Chamfer Function

No the function

Variable pitch thread

Variable pitch thread G34, PROGRAMMING, Chapter 4.5.2 G34-Variable Pitch Thread Cutting

No the function

Thread repair function

Thread repair function

No the function

Manual tapping function

Manual tapping function, OPERATION, Chapter 4.4.12 Spindle Rotation Function

No the function

Spindle position control

Switch position control and speed control, OPERATION, Chapter Setting Spindle Working State

No the function

External MPG control

Support external MPG control function, OPERATION, Chapter External MPG Operation

not support the function

Statement programming function

Statement programming function, OPERATION, Chapter 9 Statement Programming

No the function

Program solid with big capacity

No. 253 program solid with big capacity, OPERATION, Chapter No.253 Program Operation

No the function

Graph analog function of program run path, graph zoom out function

Program movement path graph analog function, graph zoom out function, OPERATION, Chapter hp3 Analog Graph

No the function

M miscellaneous function

Set Y permitted forbidding working state (M47/M48), OPERATION, Chapter Setting Spindle Working State

not support the function

GSK 928TEa Specification:


CNC Retrofit Kit:


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