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GSK980MDi CNC system for graphite processing

The customer only needs to input the workpiece blank size and machining size in the CNC system, and the machining can be completed in one clamping;
The tool setter measures the size of the blank and automatically performs rough and fine milling to the required size;
The maximum width of the workpiece is 1200mm, the maximum length is 1200mm, and the accuracy of the processing size is <0.15mm.
Write custom pages and macro programs, customers can run the program for processing after entering the processing parameters;
Write the material parameter page to set the relevant parameters of rough milling and fine milling;
Compensate the backlash of the rotary axis and optimize the servo parameters to improve the machining accuracy
Application effect
Customers only need to input the size of the product and then start the cycle, and the operation is simple and easy to learn;
One clamping can complete the machining of the four sides of the workpiece, improving machining efficiency and accuracy;
Directly modify the cutting amount and cutting speed on the interface to facilitate program debugging and processing.

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