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GSK980TDi-V Secondary Encoder Parameter Setting

GSK 980TDi-V User:
There is a backlash between the Chuck and the motor because there is a Gear Box in the middle.
I use an external encoder for 2nd position, 5 V incremental type, 1024 p, there is no error but with M14 or M51, start normally to turn but can not find the Z signal for  spindle orientation and stop with alarm.

Alarm 1040 for M51: Spindle orientation time out
Alarm 10024 for M14 C/S1 Axis, the 2nd position input signal Abnormality, cn3 interface.
I have measure signals with oscilloscope and all is ok. Phase are ok, and the spindle turn well.
The question is, if A and B signal are ok, because  there is no alarm on drive when the 2nd encoder is connected,  M3/4/5 and S functions run ok, only It has problem when look for the Z one turn pulse, wich specification other than PA97=0, PA96=0, incremental encoder I must to have, or probably some parameter that I cannot find.

CNCmakers Support:
Please set the spindle driver parameters on GSK980TDi-V:
Increase PA15
Decrease PA16
Decrease PA19
Increase PA102
PA99 needed to be adjusted by situation.
Below only for your reference.

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