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GSK983M Screen Not Stable

GSK983M User:
Dear Huang, hi my friend.
I hope you are doing well.
I need your help to solve a power on problem on 983M
Sometimes on power on, the ready signal PR+ from cpu is not stable (flactuates between on - off rapidly) and the screen is not stable. See attached video. I have done some checks but I havenot identified the cause.
Please inform me how to solve the issue
CNCmakers Support:
1- Please kindly check the communication cable between the CPU and the operation panel, are the connectors loose?
2- Please kindly check the the connection cable of up panel and lower panel too.
3- If above two are fine, then the display board might be broken.
GSK983M User:
Thank you for your response.
The problem is not permanent. It happens some times on power on and 1 or 2 times while program running. The machine works ok and some day may happen without any obvious reason. Then after switching on and off some times then the machine works ok again.
When it happens if I push the estop then the screen is stable.
I believe it has to do with the inputs from overtravel and home sensors or may be an internal battery (if there is one) may need to be changed
CNCmakers Support:
According your description.
It looks like the connection loose, out side or inside the 983M controller.

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