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GSK 218MC Milling & Machining Center Examples 06

Baoji VMC850L machine tool with GSK 218MC CNC system
Application of forged steel processing
Use Baoji VMC850L machine tool with GSK 218MC system for processing;
Processing material 316 forged steel, processed according to drawings (respectively processing ¢ 3, 5.5, 6, 8, 8.5, 10.5, 12, 15, 18 and other deep holes, threads, fine holes and other features).
Draw a 3D model based on customer drawings, formulate processing strategies, and process processing procedures;
Proofing and processing a piece in six steps;
It is recommended that the processing machine be equipped with a spindle center water outlet function and a hydraulic brake 4th axis rotary table;
During mass production, use stainless steel special center drill bit to drill, ¢ 15, 18 use U drill to drill, G3 / 8, G1 / 2, M20x1.5, M27x2 use thread milling cutter (milling cutter), some features on the figure Processing with forming knife;
The shape adopts ordinary face milling to process hexahedron and chamfer;
The front surface (large hole surface) and the left and right sides adopt a VMC850L machine tool + 4th axis rotating worktable, which is clamped at a time, and 3 surfaces are processed in one process mode;
On the back, top and bottom, a VMC850L machine + 4th axis rotary table is used for clamping at a time, and three surfaces are processed in one process.
Application effect
The processing size is qualified according to the drawings, and the processing finish meets the requirements for parts use.
No. 2
GSK 218MC-V CNC system full closed loop
Application of double-station horizontal machining center
System control axis number 4 axis;
Achieve full closed loop absolute scale control;
Realize the exchange of dual workbench;
Achieve automatic tool change of chain tool magazine.
Use 218MC control to develop functions on V1.5 version;
Realization of full-closed absolute ring scale control can greatly improve the accuracy of the machine tool;
The PLC ladder diagram realizes the double-table exchange action, and can have two worktables that can be independently installed for workpiece rotation to work;
The PLC ladder diagram realizes the tool change of the chain tool magazine, which can shorten the effective production time of the workpiece during the processing process.
Application effect
Increase the exchange of double worktables, save time in programming, shorten the effective time of workpiece production, and improve production efficiency;
The user interface is simple and convenient. The fully closed loop scale control can greatly improve the accuracy and safety of the machine tool;
The linear axis repeat positioning accuracy is 0.003mm, and the rotary axis repeat positioning accuracy is 2 arc seconds;
The linear axis positioning accuracy is 0.006mm, and the rotary axis positioning accuracy is 4 arc seconds.
No. 3
GSK 218MC CNC system
Renovation and application of spline shaft milling machine
The hobbing cutting method is used to process straight tooth spline shaft workpieces of various tooth shapes, as well as hobbing straight gear coupling gears and straight gears, and can also process taper splines and step gears;
Provides a parameterized operation interface for the user. The user can select the machining program of cylindrical gear, bevel gear, worm gear and drum gear according to the condition of the workpiece. Enter the tool parameters, workpiece parameters, process parameters and feed times, and the system will automatically generate The machining program does not require any programming instructions;
The hob shaft is transformed into a servo motor drive, and can process any number of teeth. A special hobbing instruction is adopted to realize a linked hob gear. Set the number of teeth to be processed, the rotational speed of the workpiece and the depth of teeth to be processed through simple programming instructions;
After power off and restart, the last completed machining program can be run (rough cutting first, then power off, and continued finishing after power on)
Modify the system software version to V1.6 EGB-GR.3 20190828;
The four axes X, Z, A, and B are all servo-controlled axes. The A axis is for controlling the workpiece rotation axis, and the B axis is for controlling the hob rotation axis. When machining, use the hobbing command G181 to realize the accurate rotation relationship and rotation speed of the A axis and the B axis, and realize the gear hobbing; the X axis is the radial feed axis of the gear, which is used to control the radial positioning of the hobbing; the Z axis It is a gear axial feed control axis, used to control the movement feed along the gear axis;
Because the hob shaft of the hobbing machine has an external gear ratio, that is, the motor shaft and the machine tool spindle are not 1: 1 transmission ratio. The hobbing function needs to continue to process the same workpiece after power off, and the hob axis must be oriented to the same position, so a second position encoder or zero return switch needs to be installed. This customer chooses to install the zero return switch;
Because there must be a backlash between the hob shaft and the rotary table, the direction must be the same as the machining direction when returning to zero and the axis is moving, so as to ensure that the zero position of the two axes will not deviate after the power is turned off and on again.
Application effect
Number of supporting systems: 3 sets;
technical parameter:
The 4 CNC axes are: B—reel spindle rotary motion, C—table rotary motion, x—radial feed motion, Z—axial feed motion;
It can realize hobbing straight-tooth shaft gear and straight gear, and can process taper spline and step gear;
The mechanical system and components of the CNC spline shaft milling machine have high dynamic and static rigidity, and the tool drive adopts an AC variable frequency motor with high power and smooth operation;
Automatic tool changer and efficient dry cutting can ensure the processing quality and efficiency of the workpiece;
Suitable for automobile, tractor, gear processing and other related machinery manufacturing industries, to achieve high-efficiency machine tools that can produce spline shafts and gears in large quantities;
It can realize various gear processing such as milling and slotting.


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