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GSK 218MC for multi-function machining center

GSK218MC series products are developed for high-speed and high-precision curved surface milling and high-speed drilling and tapping. The CNC system of standard machining center is developed. The system is equipped with 5 axes and 4 linkages as standard. It can also be used for the control of numerical control equipment such as tool grinders, gear machine tools, and screw milling. Newly upgraded motherboard hardware, CPU performance increased by 20%, memory doubled, storage capacity expanded to 216M, SD card storage expansion reserved, new design adopts RJ45 interface GSK-Link bus to match GR series servo drive unit, excellent performance, high precision Efficient and widely applicable.

Adopting high-speed spline interpolation technology, the number of pre-processing steps for interpolation is up to 1000, the effective speed of complex surface processing is 8m / min, the optimal processing speed is 4m / min, and the speed is high, the accuracy is high, and the finish is good.
The shape can be judged globally according to the instruction path, and unnecessary deceleration can be avoided to ensure that the machining surface is smooth and free of deviations.
Processing time is 5-30% shorter than before, and the more efficient the feed rate, the more obvious

Rigid tapping up to 6000 rpm;
Simple rigid tapping debugging, guided debugging through waveform diagnosis;
Rigid tapping and retracting function: When the tapping is interrupted during tapping, you only need to perform rigid tapping and retract to safely exit the tool, effectively avoiding the damage of the tool and the workpiece.

When hobbing machine gears, it is necessary to ensure that the workpiece shaft and the hob rotate at a certain ratio. The electronic gear box (EGB) function makes the rotation of the workpiece shaft connected to the servo motor and the tool shaft connected to the electric and mechanical spindle. (Hob) rotation synchronization, the synchronization ratio can be specified through the program, so that the workpiece axis can accurately follow the speed change of the tool axis, to achieve precision machining of gears such as straight, helical, bevel, and helical teeth.

The tool setting function includes two parts: automatic tool length measurement and Z-axis workpiece origin setting;
Tool measurement: Automatic tool length measurement is to measure the length and diameter of different tools through a tool setting instrument installed on the workbench, and automatically set the length and diameter of each tool to the specified tool offset register to This ensures that even when using the same program, tools with different lengths and diameters can be processed correctly;
Z-axis workpiece origin setting: After the tool length measurement is completed, move the tool surface of the tool. At this time, you can press the (Measure) soft key to set the current machine coordinate value as the origin to the selected workpiece coordinate (G54-G59). G54 P1-P50).

Multiple custom interfaces select Max.8 each;
Open parameter setting, each interface can use up to 60 variable parameters;
Function notes of user-defined parameters;
You can add pictures by yourself according to the features;
The parameters do not take effect until they are confirmed, to better ensure the correctness of the parameter settings.

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