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GSK RB08 Robot Examples 07

GSK RB20, RB08 handling robot used
Automatic stamping line
Robot supporting stamping equipment constitutes an automatic stamping production line.
2 RB20 / 4 RB08 handling robots, grab the workpieces from the silo, and place them in the punching equipment to perform the stamping in each process after the second positioning, place the workpieces in the finished silo and complete the automatic punching
For magnetizable materials, a magnetic splitter is used for splitting, and for non-magnetizable materials, a sawtooth splitter is used for splitting to prevent workpiece overlap.
Application effect
The robot replaces the human, and can work continuously for 24 hours to complete the work task stably;
Stable and efficient production to ensure product quality;
Automatic stamping production line has become the goal of automated factories, and has a large application market.
2.GSK RB08 robot used
Handle cover insert loading and unloading
It replaces the original manual production method, avoids the quality problems originally caused by the difference of operators, improves the stability and reliability of the product, reduces customer complaints, and achieves the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
A GSK robot is equipped with a corresponding gripper device, a switch indicating sheet bin, a secondary positioning device, and a water cutting device to complete the inlaying and unloading of the injection molding machine, the cutting of the nozzle, and the placement of the workpiece on the conveyor line.
Application effect
Robots replace humans and can work 24 hours a day to complete work tasks steadily;
Injection molding machine inlay, blanking, and sprue are integrated and produced automatically.
GSK RB08 robot injection
Application of automated production
Robot replaces manual to realize automatic production of S knife;
The product has a total of 7 procedures, inserting the blades-injection molding-blanking of the injection molding machine-workpiece detection-cutting nozzle-code tray-boxing.
One RB08 handling robot is equipped with corresponding equipment and equipment, 
instead of manually completing the production process of S knife injection molding insert material reclaiming, and packing the finished product with pallets, and manually performing material preparation and other related tasks;
The robot completes all the main tasks of the production process.
Application effect
The robot replaces the human, and can work continuously for 24 hours to complete the task steadily;
The blade is sharper, it is easy to cause the scratch of the feeding worker, and the employment is difficult. The robot solves this problem;
Developed the application of industrial robots in the S-knife-like production field, and has been widely used.

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