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GSK RB20 Robot Examples 03

GSK RB20 die casting blanking application
It can replace the manual implementation of high-temperature automatic blanking in the mold aluminum die-casting mold, and the beat is less than 18S.
Use a RB20 robot to design a set of extended high temperature resistant grips, with coolant and air blowing nozzles on both the grips and the mold side, to meet the functions of mold cleaning and rapid cooling of the workpiece;
The mold is equipped with a set of high temperature resistant induction device to realize the detection of the mold opening key and the safety of automatic mold casting.
Application effect
The robot replaces the manual high-temperature picking operation, and solves the high-intensity material picking and handling tasks in the artificial high-temperature environment;
The production line is closely coordinated with each other, the robot production runs smoothly, and the cycle is 16S.
2.GSK RB20 trimming application
The project piping must be compatible with a variety of disc products with a diameter of 80 ~ 600mm, with a diameter of <350mm for 20s and a diameter of> 350mm for 32s;
There is a film on the surface of the product. The robot loading and unloading system needs to match the on-site process of the workpiece. The gripping part does not damage the workpiece. It is docked with 2 processing equipment on the site to realize automatic loading and unloading of the machine tool.
Two hemming equipment and two RB20 robots are connected, and a dedicated two-handed gripper and a turntable for the electromagnet that meets the film adsorption are designed to realize fast pick-and-place parts in each of the three positions of the two robots;
The loading bin is designed with a multi-layer panning positioning material table, which can be moved horizontally when the machine is changed manually, and the blank feeding is simple and convenient;
A tilting mechanism is designed for the finished product material box, so that the finished product can be directly discharged by the robot to the material box, and the manual time material box is stacked.
Application effect
The robot loading and unloading system is convenient to change models, the entire robot system is compact in layout, the production cycle is closely coordinated, and the operation is smooth;
The finished product is directly discharged to the finished product bin, which reduces the unloading process and saves labor.
3.GSK RB08 Printing steel plate polishing application
Achieve plane grinding in the area of 2m * 0.8m within 20S, and ensure the cleaning effect of surface dirt after grinding of the workpiece;
Design special material conveying, guiding and positioning devices to achieve accurate positioning of workpiece incoming materials;
Use a RB20 robot to design a set of special double floating grinding tools. During the material conveying process, the double floating grinding tools can simultaneously polish the surface of the workpiece, saving time;
Design a set of sandpaper bin and sandpaper replacement mechanism to meet the automatic replacement of sandpaper in the production process.
Application effect
Loading, unloading and grinding are realized in assembly line operation, robot operation is normal, and production is stable;
The robot production has a cycle time of 18S, realizing the normal production requirements and high efficiency.


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