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GSK RB20 Robot Examples 04

GSK RB20 Robot Bicycle Wheel Application of parts loading and unloading
This solution is aimed at the machining of CNC wheel lathe parts for Meituan bicycles instead of manual operations, reducing labor costs, and realizing the machine to work 24 hours a day.
The project consists of two CNC lathes, a 20 kg robot, and an upper and lower silo;
Because the workpiece needs to be processed on both sides, the processing time is longer, and the loading bin can put 12 wheels at a time for processing;
As the workpiece is not standard, a testing device is installed on the CNC lathe.
Application effect
One person controls three CNC lathe wheel processing production lines to reduce labor;
The machine can work 24 hours a day;
Realize processing automation.
2.GSK RB20 robot used Tile loading and handling
More than 8 pieces / minute for handling;
To adapt to different color, rough surface of the tile work.
2 loading silos, 1 RB20 handling robot with suction cup grippers;
Using a laser distance sensor, the robot can quickly approach the workpiece to maximize the handling cycle and avoid collisions between the robot and the workpiece.
Application effect
Stable and continuous work, the beat can reach 10 pieces / minute, exceeding the customer's expected beat.
3.GSK RB20 robot for foam engraving
Robots replace humans to complete the foam carving process;
Use offline programming technology to automatically generate engraving trajectories to complete the engraving of products with complex shapes.
1 RB20 handling robot, supporting electric spindle, single-axis positioner, offline programming software to complete the engraving task of complex workpieces;
According to the characteristics of the material, a smaller load robot is selected to effectively reduce the overall cost. The maximum engraving workpiece can be 1000 * 600 * 1220mm.
Application effect
The quality of the carved products is stable and the consistency is high, which greatly reduces the manual work intensity.


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