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GSK RH06 robot for welding

The robot replaces the welder's welding, and the workpiece is manually loaded and unloaded, and the welding is completed in one clamping;
The maximum width of the workpiece is 1280mm, the maximum length is 2000mm, and the wall thickness is 1.2mm;
The workpiece needs to be welded alternately on the front and back and diagonally to reduce the amount of deformation.
Write custom pages and macro programs, customers can run the program for processing after entering the processing parameters;
Write the material parameter page to set the relevant parameters of rough milling and fine milling;
Compensate the backlash of the rotary axis and optimize the servo parameters to improve the machining accuracy.
Application effect
Double-station layout can continuously weld for a long time, and the welding quality is significantly improved;
The positioner realizes one-time clamping of the workpiece, and automatically realizes alternate welding of front and back, so that the amount of deformation is effectively controlled;
The welding industry is a high-risk industry. High temperature, arc light, and welding fumes have certain effects on the physical and mental health of workers;
The application of welding robots in the welding industry is a general trend, which is not only a market promotion but also a requirement for technological upgrading.

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