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How does FANUC set the backlash compensation parameters on t

The backlash compensation parameters of FANUC CNC lathes should be set on the panel as follows: the slow parameter is 1851, the fast parameter is 1852, and the unit is 0.001. Pay attention to the size and magnitude of the parameters when setting.
The positive or negative of the directional clearance compensation value is related to the installation position of the measuring element. Take the pulse encoder measuring element as an example. If the encoder moves earlier than the worktable, the actual value of the encoder appears before the actual value of the worktable when the system is in the reverse direction.
That is, the encoder has sent a movement pulse to the system, and the workbench may not have moved yet. In this way, the position obtained by the encoder will be greater than the actual position of the workbench. In this case, a positive compensation value must be input to the MD32450.
If the movement of the worktable is earlier than that of the encoder, the worktable has already moved when the system is in the reverse direction, and the encoder may not send a movement pulse to the system, so the position obtained by the encoder will be smaller than the actual position of the worktable. In this case, it is necessary to input a negative compensation value to MD32450. Normally, a positive compensation value is input.
2. Extended information
Due to the existence of backlash, it will have a certain impact on the transmission accuracy and machining accuracy. In high-precision applications, the backlash needs to be measured and compensated, especially for CNC machine tools with semi-closed loop control. The backlash will affect When it comes to positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy, it is necessary to pay attention to and study the factors, effects and compensation functions of backlash when using CNC machine tools.
The backlash compensation function provided by the SINUMERIK810D/840D system can compensate the machine tool transmission chain, which can compensate the backlash within a certain range, but it cannot completely eliminate the backlash. Due to the manufacturing error of the ball screw, any position of the ball screw has both pitch error and reverse clearance, and the reverse clearance of each position is different.
Generally, a laser interferometer is used for multi-point measurement. The selected measurement points should basically reflect the whole process of the screw, and then take the average value of the backlash at each point as the backlash compensation value.
4. A solid machine learning foundation, able to use traditional models such as LR, GBDT, and FM to solve business problems.

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