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How to deal with parameter lost on Fanuc CNC

FANUCOM system parameter loss processing method
   CNC system parameters are the soul of CNC machine tools, and the normal function of the software and hardware of CNC machine tools is set by parameters. The manufacturing accuracy of the machine tool and the accuracy recovery after maintenance also need to be adjusted by parameters, so the CNC machine tool without parameters is equivalent to a pile of scrap iron. CNC machine tool paralysis caused by the loss of all CNC system parameters is called "crash". The "crash" is certainly terrifying, if we master the solutions and preventive measures, the problem will be easy. The following is the analysis and handling of the "crash" situation in the FANUC OM system. It is only for reference by CNC personnel.
   One, the main reason for the "crash"
  1. In DNC communication, after the M51 execution is completed, the M30 automatic power-off function cannot be executed when the M50 has not been released from the M51, otherwise, a "crash" phenomenon will occur.
  2. If the power is cut off during the DNC communication during the M51 action, a "crash" may occur.
  3. When the battery is replaced, the parameters will be lost if there is no power on or power off. If the battery is not turned on for a long time, the parameters will be lost.
  4. Misoperation, if you press the Reset and Delete buttons at the same time and press Power ON, all parameters will be eliminated.
   5. Processing P/S alarm sometimes causes parameter loss. For example, there are three methods for processing P/S 101 alarm (DNC) to execute interrupt. When the first two cannot eliminate the alarm, the third method must be used, and the last one will "crash".
  A: ① PEW=1
  ② Power OFF
  ③ Press the Delete Power ON buttons at the same time
  B: ① PWE=1
  ② Parameter 901 = 01000100 changed to 0
  ③ Press the DEL key
  ④ Power OFF
  ⑤ Power ON
  ⑥ Parameter 901 = 010001000
  ⑦ PWE = 0
  C: ① Backup all PC, NC, DGN parameters (it will crash)
  ② Power OFF
  ③ Press the RESET POWER ON button at the same time, PWE=1
  ④ Input parameters above 900, input parameters No. 1-900, input DGN parameters
  ⑦ PWE=0 (should be excluded in order of A, B, C, if A and B cannot be excluded, only use C method)
   2. The status display after "dead"
   The following alarm appears on the CRT display:
  417# X AXIS DGTL PARAM 417#, 427#, 437# alarm respectively
  427# Y AXIS DGTL PARAM is X, Y, Z (or 3rd axis) motor
  437# Z AXIS DGTL PARAM parameter setting abnormal
  417#Alarm: X axis has one of the following conditions, it will cause this alarm.
  ① In the motor type of parameter No. 8120, set a value outside the specified range.
  ② In the motor rotation direction of parameter No. 8122, the correct value (111 or -111) is not set
  ③ In parameter No. 8123, the number of speed feedback pulses per revolution of the motor, set an incorrect value like 0.
  ④ In parameter N0.8124, the number of position feedback pulses per revolution of the motor, set an incorrect value below 0.
  427#: Y-axis parameters are NO.8220 NO.8222 NO.8223 NO.8224
  427#: Z axis (OM) or 3rd axis (OT) parameters are NO.8320 NO.8322 NO.8223 NO.8324
  The reason is that all the setting parameters of all axes are lost, which causes the servo alarm of each axis. At this time, the machine is paralyzed and its functions are lost.
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   Three, the specific process of "crash"
   If the machine tool "crash", please contact the machine tool manufacturer first. It is best to troubleshoot and resume operation under the guidance of the manufacturer. The following are the problems that I actually encountered and how to deal with it when I get support from the manufacturer:
  1, CLEAR (clear) remaining parameters
   Press the RESET and DELETE buttons at the same time, and press Power ON until the version number appears on the CRT display, and then release it after changing.
  2, INPUT (input) parameters
   Select MDI mode, turn on the parameter (PARAM) screen, press emergency stop, open the protector, PWE=1, and then enter the parameter. There are two input methods: MDI manual input and DNC transmission.
  A. Manual input method: input all parameters one by one according to the parameter table attached with the machine
  ①All PC and NC parameters
  ②The above function parameters
  ③96N parameter
  B, DNC input method:
  1) Must be set first
  ②Parameter: 2.0=1 2.7=0 12.0=1 12.7=0 50=11 51=11 (stop bit=2)
  ③Parameter: 250=10 251=10 552=10 553=10 (baud rate=4800)
  ④Parameter: 900=00111001(OMC)=00111011(OMF)
  ⑤Parameter: 901=01000100 917=10 (Select Delete when the selection conditions appear on the screen)
  ⑥Parameter: 38.3=1 (half-key type is set to "1" first, after the parameter is read, set 38.3=0)
After    is set, if NOT Ready appears on the CRT display, it cannot be transmitted and must be reset.
  2) Input operation:
  ① In MDI mode, execute M51 (DNC on) to open the parameter screen, and press the EOB and INPUT keys at the same time, the flashing "SKP" (header) appears in the lower right corner of the CRT.
  ②PC personal computer is ready for DNC communication software (such as V24) to set environmental parameters:
   COM1: BaudRate = 4800
  Parity =None
  Data Bit=8bit
  Stop Bit =2
   COM1: BaudRate = 4800
  Parity: None
  Data Bit=86bit
  Stop Bit =2
   and then press the "ENTER" key. At this time, "SKP" on the machine tool CRT changes to "INPUT" flashing, that is, it is a positive input parameter. After inputting, execute M50 (DNC off), and then knock the function parameters above NO.9m by hand. (Please follow the parameter table)
  ③Transmit DGN parameters and open the DGN screen.
  ④ If there is a TAPE (paper tape) method, please transfer directly from the TAPE method, the method is the same as the previous one.
   3. Test machine test various functions and machine accuracy.
   1) After inputting the program, do not move the machine tool and execute M, S, T functions.
  2) Set the parameters: N0.508=0 N0.509=0 NO.510=0 (X, Y, z axis origin correction) No.700, No.701, and No.702 to 99999999 first.
   3) Do manual zero return of three axes.
  4) Input parameter NO.508 NO.509 No.510 (according to the machine parameter table)
  5) After the power is cut off, turn on the power again, and then do manual zero return (for the anti-collision machine, first move each axis to the middle position)
  6) Input parameter NO.700 NO.701 NO.702 (according to the machine parameter table)
  7) All parameter settings are now complete. You can carefully check each function to see if it returns to normal, and check the accuracy of the machine tool.
   Fourth, to prevent "crash" and the importance of backing up machine parameters
  The parameters of CNC machine tools are so important that once they are lost, they will cause crashes and seriously affect production. If the manufacturer is invited to handle it, it takes a long time, the cost is high, and the loss is large. If it can be dealt with promptly and quickly, and production can be resumed, the losses can be minimized. How to deal with it in time? Only do the following preventive work seriously:
   1. The random file is accompanied by a parameter table, which must be handed over to the equipment part for safekeeping, and the machine number must be indicated; even if one type of machine is used, some key parameters are different.
  2. Users with DNC communication software can input various parameters of each machine tool to the computer for backup; and indicate that the machine number has a parameter type.
  3. The machine tool that has been shut down for a long time should be opened two or three times a week for more than two hours. Strictly follow the requirements and methods of the machine maintenance manual, and replace the battery with a high-performance and high-capacity battery.
  4. When executing M51, the M30 automatic power-off function cannot be executed. The power supply department should notify in advance before power outages in areas where there are frequent power outages.
   5. When a P/S alarm occurs on the machine tool, full-time maintenance personnel must be present to deal with it. Non-full-time personnel are strictly prohibited to modify parameters casually.
  Through the above measures, the loss of CNC machine parameters can be prevented. Although this kind of "crash" phenomenon rarely occurs and is accidental, it will bring great losses if it occurs, so preventive work must be done well. If you lose the parameters by accident, please contact the machine manufacturer in time, and then enter the backup parameters into the machine tool in accordance with the maintenance instructions to restore operation.

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