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How to make deep hole thread on VMC850L with GSK218 CNC

The GSK218MC series is a standard machining center CNC system developed for high-speed and high-precision surface milling and high-speed drilling and tapping. The standard configuration of the system is 5-axis 4-linkage, and the maximum can be expanded to 8-axis 5-linkage. It can not only be used in various machining centers, but also It can be applied to the control of CNC equipment such as tool grinders, gear machine tools, and screw milling.
GSK218MC newly upgraded motherboard hardware, CPU performance increased by 20%;
The memory is doubled, the storage capacity is expanded to 216M, and the SD card is reserved for storage expansion;
The new design adopts RJ45 interface GSK-Link bus to match GR series servo drive unit;
The overall structure of the machine tool adopts resin sand casting, box-shaped structure, thick walls and multiple ribs, and has undergone multiple stress relief processes to make the machine tool have good rigidity;
The whole machine is specially designed for high speed and high rigidity. The maximum speed of the main shaft is up to 8000r/min, X/Y adopts ball linear guide, Z-axis ultra-wide hard track, XY axis rapid movement up to 24m/min, Z axis rapid movement 15m/min;
Using counterweight balance system, the machine tool has good high-speed dynamic stability;
The quenching of the spindle taper hole and the table has proprietary technology to ensure its hardness and accuracy stability;
The key parts and factory precision of the machining center are strictly tested by the Brown&Sharpe three-coordinate measurement of the United States and the Renishaw RENISHAW dual-frequency laser interferometer of the United Kingdom, and they are fully inspected to ensure the geometric accuracy and working accuracy of the machine tool.
Use Baoji VMC850L with GSK218 system for spiral milling of internal threads;
Use arbor blade milling cutter to process #45 steel, size M42*2*30 deep thread;
Use the fastest processing efficiency, and the thread is smooth
Draw processing drawings and process processing procedures according to the customer’s drawings;
Prepare D25.4 single-tooth single-edged tooth milling cutter and D31 row-tooth single-edged milling cutter respectively.
03 application effect
D25.4 single-tooth single-edged tooth milling cutter, processing M42*2*40 deep thread, smooth thread surface

D31 single-tooth single-edged tooth milling cutter, processing M42*2*40 deep thread, the thread surface is smooth, slightly worse than single-tooth single-edged tooth milling cutter


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