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How to make variable threads with G34

Utilize G34 turning variable pitch thread
The picture shows a variable pitch thread with constant tooth width. The initial pitch of this thread is 5mm, and the pitch increases by 1mm per revolution of the spindle. The groove width is 3mm, the major diameter is 50mm, the minor diameter is 46mm, the thread length is 40mm, and the profile angle is 30 degrees. Tool width 3mm
Format: G34 X(U) Z(W) F K (incremental value of the pitch of one revolution of the spindle);
The format of some systems is G34 X(U) Z(W) F R (the incremental value of the pitch of one revolution of the spindle);
M3S150; (Because the pitch gradually increases and adopts low speed)
#1=2;(Set unilateral tooth height)
#2=0.15; (Infeed amount per cut)
G0 X53 Z4; (positioning)
N1 G0 X[46+#1*2] Z[4+#1*TAN[15]]; (Quick positioning to reach the point, the single-sided tooth depth 2mm can be used as inclined type
G34 Z-40 F4 K1;
G0 X53;
IF [#1 LE 1.5] THEN#2=0.1;
IF [#1 LE 1] THEN#2=0.06;
IF [#1 LE 0.2]THEN#2=0.03;
IF [#1 GT 0]GOTO1;
G0 X46;
G34 Z-40 F4 K1;
G0 X100;

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