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How to set spindle drive parameter

AC servo spindle motor and drive user:
Kindly, can we exchange the below servomotors? between the two drives?
Any parameters to change?
GSK AC Spindle motor Type : ZJY265 - 18.5 BM-B5Y1
GSK AC Servo motor Type : ZJY265A - 15 BM - B5
CNCmakers Support:
Can not, they are different power,  one is 15KW, another is 18.5KW.
AC servo spindle motor and drive user:
We need to try it only, to check if the motor is ok, which parameters should we change?
CNCmakers Support:
If only to test the motors are okay or not.
Then just change the PA1 of each spindle driver is okay.
GS3150Y-NP2 change PA1=530 for
Type : ZJY265 - 18.5 BM-B5Y1
GS3150Y-NP2 change PA1=528 for
Type : ZJY265A - 15 BM - B5
You can write down the parameters for both drivers to make back up.

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