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How to use machine tool in winter

Machine Tool Winter Use Guide
Due to the unusually cold weather, please use a cutting fluid friend to turn it on in the morning to check whether the water tank is frozen or not. Do not force the cutting pump to start.
Check whether there is any icing on the parts of the screw chain of the chip conveyor, remember not to force it to open all the time. Be sure to make sure everything is on normally.
Check the spindle, especially the electro-spindle must be manually rotated, and then slowly warm up and accelerate.
Check whether the lubricating oil, including the lubricating system of the oil cylinder, the knife cylinder guide rail, is normal, preheat slowly, and get up early to ensure that the lubricating oil must be applied more than once. Ability to suggest that you can change to No. 32 rail oil in winter, No. 20 hydraulic oil, spindle oil No. 5 oil
If the encoder battery indicates that the battery is insufficient or the coordinates are running abnormally, please move the machine tool to the origin of the mechanical coordinates as much as possible before shutting down. Call after-sales to replace the encoder battery with power. origin! For old machine tools with a travel switch, please make sure that the travel switch pops up normally and the coordinate values are correct! So as not to cause loss to you!
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