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IC 2803

The CNC lathe machine could not be started, every time press the power key, the CNC controller screen flicker and then off.



1-      Is the start key or the stop key in poor contact?

2-      Any short circuit of the CNC power control wiring?

3-      Is the control component of the CNC broken?

4-      Any problem of the CNC power supply?

5-      CNC controller is broken or not?


Normally if a CNC controller could not be turned on, we should check if there is power supply or not? If there is not then need to uninstall the external I/O and see the power is normal or not? If remove the external I/O the power supply has problem, that means something shorted inside the CNC controller. But if it has no problem means something shorted of the external wiring.


In this case we found the IC 2803 on the I/O board of the CNC controller was shorted, which caused the problem.

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