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M13 block no execution

The CNC lathe machine is running under AUTO mode, but the CNC program will stop while execute to the M13 block, without any alarm on the CNC controller screen, then we found the program coordinate is not right, so need to adjust the tools after pressing the RESET key.



1-      Check M13 controls which part.

2-      Under what situation the M13 will cause the machine coordinate shifting?

3-      Check why there is no alarm on the CNC controller.


In this case we checked out M13 controls the hydraulic chuck loosen, only if the chuck loose in position, the CNC will execute the next command. The chuck is control with the hydraulic switch, and the output signal of the switch connects to the emergency stop, so when the hydraulic tank runs short of the oil, it will affect the pressure switch, then caused emergency stop immediately, which is the reason of machine stop during the machining, and need to adjust the tools after that.


Refuel the hydraulic oil then all the problem solved.


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