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M-L46P CNC Lathe with GSK988TD Control

M-L46P is a 12kw permanent magnet synchronous electric spindle row turning center. The machine tool is equipped with GSK988 series high-performance CNC system, GR series servo and 23-bit (8 million lines) high-speed high-precision motor. The links such as wheels and gears greatly reduce the inertia of the main drive, improve the dynamic response speed and working accuracy of the main shaft, completely solve the vibration and noise problems of the belt and pulley drive when the main shaft is running at high speed, and significantly improve the processing parts. The smoothness makes the machine tool have the characteristics of high-speed and high-gloss processing, and the processed product has clear and uniform lines without obvious light and dark lines and broken lines.
The 45-degree inclined bed structure of the overall casting has stronger rigidity;
The carefully selected 12kw, 4500rpm permanent magnet synchronous electric spindle can meet the inspection standards of imported spindles, with small vibration, high speed, fast acceleration, high rigidity and high accuracy;
Good dynamic rotation effect, can achieve high-gloss mirror effect, good surface quality and surface texture;
High static rotation accuracy, runout of end face and taper hole <0.003mm, spindle vibration <0.8mm / s;
Taiwan's well-known manufacturers of high-grade roller linear guides, ball screws, imported screw bearings.
The GSK988TD series turning center CNC system supporting the machine tool is a high-end CNC system based on dual-core hardware architecture for multi-axis, multi-channel, turning-milling applications. It has rich control functions and excellent performance, and can be flexibly applied to many types of machine tools.
GSK988 system supports car-milling-drilling compound processing, multi-spindle control, multi-Cs axis control, multi-spindle rigid tapping, supports automatic chip breaking, and can perform high-speed thread processing and extreme thread withdrawal;
Supports small line program processing, with program segment read-ahead look-ahead control technology, and performs high-order spline fitting, S-type acceleration and deceleration and jerk control on the read-ahead program, enabling surface machining to ensure high accuracy, high efficiency and High surface quality;
The feed axis supports matching high-resolution absolute encoders, which can be connected to the scale;
Spindle supports supporting high-resolution magnetic resistance or magnetic grid encoder, which can be used with synchronous and guided electric spindle;
The system integrates truss control functions, supports truss / pick and put arm application control, supports network remote monitoring / supports Modbus protocol, and can be connected to intelligent engineering networks.


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