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Machining Center with GSK25i Examples 07

1.VMC850L with GSK25i CNC system vertical machining center
Application of processing of hydraulic connecting rod support
The two sections of the connecting rod are milled. The planes, holes, and taps on the two sides of the outer milling are required to be clamped.
According to the customer's parts, the South Anhui VMC850L with GSK25i CNC system vertical machining center is selected;
Select the four-axis working turntable with manual tailstock and manual chuck;
Formulate detailed processing plans to ensure the processing quality of parts;
Multi-process can continuously run normal batch production.
Application effect
The solution can solve the customer's milling and drilling needs for four faces; complete multiple steps of multiple reference faces in one clamping; ensure the accuracy of parts processing and improve production efficiency.
2.Application of VMC850 machine tool with GSK 25iMb CNC machining center truck brake adjusting arm machining
The brake adjusting arm of the processing truck requires that the processing efficiency be controlled within 10 minutes.

Use Shandong Weida Heavy Industry VMC850 machine tool with GSK 25iMb system machining center;
Find a third party to develop a clamping tooling plan and processing technology according to the customer's parts;
Recommend and use reliable machining tools;
The dimensional accuracy of each process after debugging is stable at 0.01mm, which meets the design requirements;
Adding the fourth axis to complete multiple processes can continuously run normal batch production;
Production and processing parts can meet customer requirements after assembling other accessories.
Application effect
The dimensional accuracy of the processing adjustment arm is within 0.01mm, and the single processing time is controlled at about 8 minutes to meet customer needs.
3.VMC850C with GSK25i CNC system Application of parts processing
Product surface accuracy is stable;
Drilling hole distance error should not exceed 0.01mm;
Improve processing efficiency.
Yunnan VMC850C with Guangshu GSK25i system;
Custom tooling fixtures, each coordinate positioning coordinate processing;
Machine tools adjust various geometric accuracy;
Using rough and fine machining procedures to meet customer requirements.
Application effect
Using our system's high-speed and high-precision function, the basic accuracy of the drilling hole distance can be controlled within 0.01mm, and the surface accuracy also meets customer requirements;
Improve workpiece processing efficiency, save processing time for customers, so as to meet customer needs, currently 12 units are in use.

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