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Machining Centers with GSK25i Examples 07

GSK25i CNC system for overhaul and upgrade of FTC-1320V vertical machining center
Aging failure of the original machine tool CNC system; wear of ball screw, screw bearing and linear guide; poor spindle accuracy; inaccurate tool change position in the tool magazine, damage to the tool holder; poor flatness of the table surface during exchange; lubrication, cooling, pneumatic System pipeline aging;
The supporting CNC system needs to be replaced to restore the accuracy of the machine tool and replace the aging parts.
GSK25i CNC system, supporting servo motor and servo drive for transformation;
Replace all linear guides, ball screws and screw bearings; drive ball screws with a wide number of servo motors; use direct connection to reduce the gap of the transmission chain;
Overhaul the main shaft and replace the main shaft bearings to ensure the accuracy of the main shaft and the main shaft speed;
Overhaul the tool magazine, fine-tune the tool magazine's approach to the detection switch position, and receive feedback signals; reliable tool selection and accurate positioning to ensure normal tool change at each station; re-write the T chart to make the tool head forward and reverse, and change tools nearby, saving time And replace the damaged knife cover accordingly;
Re-scraping the workbench: The scrape-scraping workbench has been re-scraped by personnel with years of experience in scraping research at our factory to ensure the flatness of the workbench, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the processed workpiece;
Maintenance of lubrication, cooling, pneumatic systems, etc., replacement of aging accessories;
Redesign the electrical control schematic diagram of the machine tool, replace the electrical control and electrical components and rewire.
Application effect
Restore machine tool accuracy and all use functions, and run stably;
Meet customer parts processing requirements.
2.GSK25i CNC system
Xinnuo VMC640LH upper bearing bracket parts processing
Using Xinnuo VMC640LH and GSK25i numerical control system, it can improve the poor machining surface of the part, the machining efficiency is low, and the phenomenon of tool wear is prone to occur.
Optimization of fixtures;
Using trochoidal milling, combined with the high-speed and high-precision functions of the GSK system, that is, high-speed machining methods with small cutting widths and large cutting depths, which improve processing efficiency, processing quality, and reduce tool wear;
Optimize the tooling and finishing of the parts, avoid the interference of flying tools, better improve the surface finish of the parts, and effectively improve the wear of the end mill.
Application effect
Improve the efficiency of optimized processing technology by 50%;
Reduced and reduced tool wear;
The finished surface finish has been significantly improved.
3.GSK25iMb CNC system
Application of tile production line
Multiple stations and different processes on the same production line;
Multi-station monitoring and file management on the same host computer;
Requires graphics to automatically generate programs.
Use multiple systems to control online, connect via Ethernet;
Using IP / TIP protocol, 25i system dedicated samba sharing server function, to achieve file management and interaction between the host computer and the rest of the system, and control start-up operation through external PLC
With the 2D planar DXF graphics function, the program can be automatically generated in a modifiable post-processing manner.
Application effect
It can meet customers' multi-station and different processes;
Greatly reduces the skill requirements of the operator and simplifies the operation process;
Omitting manual programming steps reduces costs.

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