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Making motor shafts with GSK 988T

The processing material is 40Cr motor shaft core;
It is required that the processed motor shaft core be installed on the electric spindle motor to rotate smoothly at high speed, with little beating and low noise.
Use the machine tool Shenyang CHK52 with GSK988T and the Baoji CK50S CNC machine to formulate clamping tooling plan and processing technology according to the customer's parts
Customer self-assembled knives;
After debugging, the dimensional accuracy of each process is stable at 0.01mm, which meets the product requirements;
Multi-processes can run continuously for normal batch production;
After the production and processing parts are assembled into the finished product, all the indicators required for the operation of the electric spindle are met.
Application effect
Requirements for composite drawings of the shaft core after processing;
After assembly, the motor meets customer requirements

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