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Making pump bodies and covers with GSK 25iMb

Use Shandong Weida Heavy Industry VMC640 machine tool with GSK25iMb system machining center to process stainless steel pump body, end cover, assembly gear and other parts, and the flow rate is not less than 70L/hour under the pressure of 3kg at the pumping output end
1. Develop clamping tooling plan and processing technology according to customers' parts;
2. Recommend and use reliable machining tools;
3. After debugging, the dimensional accuracy of each process is stable within 0.01mm, which meets the design requirements;
4. Multi-processes can run continuously and normally to meet mass production;
5. The processed parts can meet customer requirements after assembling other accessories.
Application effect
The dimensional accuracy of the processed pump body and end cover is within 0.01mm. After assembling gears and other components, five sets of pumps are tested. Under the pressure of 3kg at the output end of the pump body, the flow rate reaches 90L/hour, which meets customer needs.


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