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Motor default parameter export

GS2050T-NP1 User:
There're error with GS2050 in number 7 of this contract
We run 2pcs GS2050( connect with 130sjt-M075D(A2), but can not run
When we check,there's not model motor connect with GS2050 in body GS2050
And we check ,one item show error PA001= 89( it mean that this GS2050 use for motor 130sjt-M100B(A2)
One item show error PA001= 91( it mean that this GS2050 use for motor 130sjt-M150B(A2)
So these two GS2050 maybe not use for 130sjt-M075D(A2)
Plz you check again
CNCmakers support
For GS2050T-NP1(connect with 130sjt-M075D(A2)
Please change PA001=88 will be match.
GS2050T-NP1 User:
Our engineer said that he changed PA001=88, but still can not match
CNCmakers Support:
Please see attached procedure.

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